Linee essenziali, materiali pregiati, continua ricerca del perfetto equilibrio tra estetica e funzionalità. Questi sono i canoni che contraddistinguono le creazioni Florastyle per il bagno.

La stanza da bagno privata diventa sempre più un luogo di relax in cui prendersi cura del proprio corpo e della propria salute. Il bagno è parte della sfera abitativa privata, permette di immergersi in una nuova energia vitale e garantisce così una migliore qualità della vita.


Our starting point is the craftsman’s knowledge, handed down generation after generation and the location is in Tuscany, a land not only of arts and crafts but also a long tradition of building furniture and furnishings.

Our point of arrival is the future of human living.

We daily ask ourselves: Where will man go to live? What will be his connection with the objects that surround him?

These questions are the starting point of our research that does not only concentrate on the aesthetics of the products but also on production methods and it is because of this that it also becomes the vision of a new man/product relationship.


In Flora Style aesthetics has never been considered the only point of arrival; it is an important aspect but not decisive.

What really counts is the concreteness or the build quality where the human eye cannot arrive.

We like to define our products honestly because there are no secrets hidden behind an impeccable exterior aspect.

The quality is total, from the materials utilised to the processing techniques because the best is in the heart of the product that with the passing of time sincerely expresses “how things really are”.


It is a harmonious concept that implies not only the visual aspect but also the touch, the hearing and the smell; the perception of sensations such as the warmth, the porosity of the material, the possibility of contrasts that create unexpected and elegant combinations.

Innovative projects are born from this concept, such as the Wood range that offers bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins with the WOOD – SOLID TECH ® combination.

Or ANIMAPIETRA ® shower trays that are constituted of 80% natural lava rock material that maintains the heat of the shower, thereby giving a unique polysensorial experience.


We have completely renewed the production process thereby giving us three advantages:

1. Waste material reduced to the minimum

2. Record production times

3. No limit to the measurements available in the catalogue

Therefore, against the furnishing requirements of the customer we are able to manufacture 100% personalised high-quality products in reduced times at a price level in line with market standards.