Made in Italy

Let’s confront the work moved by values such as:

• Simplicity

• Attention to detail

• The pursuit of qualitative excellence

When we talk about company property, production, commercial network or any other component that works in Flora Style, we always try to base everything on simplicity, direct and sincere communication and reciprocal assistance; just like in a family. We like to transmit this feeling to our customers when responding to their requirements, even the smallest requirements; this is a privilege that a company of industrial dimension could not consider.

Not only industry.

Obviously we want to grow always and make our brand name known all over the World, but we want to do this whilst conserving the vision of a small family company; paying attention to detail and human relationships and being capable even today of pursuing qualitative and manufacturing excellence.


Ethically Made in Italy.

What is made in Italy for us? Style, brilliance and craftsmanship. Why connect Made in Italy to the concept of ethics?

Italians feel a duty to not take advantage of the expression Made in Italy because it represents the most famous brand and appeal in the World, thereby giving away to others our knowledge and our important patrimony.

It is not only being Italian, but convinced Tuscans that pushes us to protect and preserve the creativity and the art of creating and working with noble materials.

Before, the craftsmen’s workshops were protected by the walls of the city. Today, we want to protect the craftsman’s excellence with a new Ethic: concept, design, planning and production. It is all here in Tuscany in our hands.



Research and Innovation

Our mission is to reinterpret the Design in bathroom furnishings, uniting Research and Innovation through a new Ethic of Made in Italy.

We invest time, human and economic resources not only to reach an aesthetic perfection but also to create products in line with the modern requirements of the clientele who need beautiful products that are long-wearing and available immediately.