• resistance and


  • aesthetic and dimensional


  • matter becomes


  • modern colors and

    unique finishes


Flora proposes the new range of unpainted shower trays made from a unique SOLID TECH © paste, constant throughout its thickness for colour, mechanical composition and quality that make them infinitely restorable.

They are incredibly resistant to limestone, falling objects and wear and at the same time are stimulating because of their furnishing creativity. The measurements and cut of the Flora shower tray can be completely personalised.


The most frequent criticalities in a standard shower tray are:

  1. 1.The presence of invasive elements in the design of the shower tray: the steel between the glass and the tray.
  2. 2.The formation of 1.5 cm air spaces that are very difficult to fill once the shower has been fitted into position against the wall.

Flora responds to these imperfections with a new measuring concept that reduces the dimension of these air spaces to only 3 mm.

Furthermore, the glass is easily applied after the cutting and the shower cabin is then ready.

The result is a quick installation and an extremely clean design.


Thanks to a studied innovation of the Production Cycle, we have minimised the waste of materials and reduced the reworking cycles.

The final result is the immediate availability of the shower tray which is the primary requirement in fitting out a bathroom and a price that is unbeatable.

Maximum quality at a decisively accessible price.




Animapietra © is a range in which the leitmotiv is represented by the polysensoriality; an exaltation of the tactile aspect, thanks to the particular granulous paste emphasized by the porosity of the material that gives a pleasing rich effect to the touch and also exalts the visual aspect, thanks to the unexpected utilisation of the black colour that exalts to the maximum the raw material with which the shower tray is produced from.

Furthermore, the high percentage of lava rock holds in the heat, giving a vital, inimitable sensation of warmth underneath the feet.


Live naturally by the creation of sincere products in which the technological and highly tactile positiveness of the product produced and not only the aesthetics are the protagonists; qualities that are not visible on the surface.

This is the concept that we based our ideas on to give life to these products.

The undisputed element of this range is the utilised material which is 80% mineral.

When crumbled, worked and compacted, lava rock confers a natural, true and real feeling under the apparent guise of a simply attractive product.